Phone: 440 995 0303

Phone: 440 995 0303

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Wellness Evolution Services

Wellness Evolution offers a broad array of natural health and wellness services, including acupuncture, exercise classes, stress relief, energy medicine, bodywork and more.

If you’re not sure exactly where to begin, our team of clinicians is here to help you integrate complementary therapies.

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs

Worksite wellness is health care reform that works.

Our BioAction® Programs identify the underlying causes and risk factors associated with your employees’ most pressing health concerns.

These programs are designed to prevent, manage and reverse the health conditions that cost you the most in time and money.

Corporate Wellness Services


Detoxification Services

Metabolic detoxification includes individualized nutritional support through food and isolated nutrients that promote balanced detoxification, decreased inflammation and elimination.

Detoxification also addresses identification of potential food allergens/sensitivities and establishes a healthy intestinal environment to ensure proper digestion, absorption and elimination.

Detoxification and Bio-Elimination services

Healthy Living Weight Loss

Healthy Living Weight Loss

Our 8 Week Program is designed to help you make healthier lifestyle choices that naturally help you lose weight...and keep it off long term. 

This is a doctor monitored diet that is more than just using HCG. It's a balanced approach to a healthier you.

HCG Healthy Living Weight Loss Program

Personalized Strategy

Personalized Wellness Strategy

Show yourself a little love...put your health in our hands and come to Wellness Evolution. We'll help you put together a personalized program so you can maximize your health and feel better than ever.

Protect what is most precious in life, your health.

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Natural Products

Wellness Evolution Online Store - Health and Wellness, Supplements and more

We are committed to providing a reliable, single source where people complement their medical care with holistic modalities, alternative therapies, and good lifestyle practices.

When you buy your supplements from Wellness Evolution, you can be confident in knowing that you are receiving only the best products available on the market today.

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Wellness Evolution works with corporations, individuals and referring physicians to help enhance quality of life, increase productivity and vitality and reduce the incidence of illness. We are your reliable single source for preventive medicine consulting, wellness education, natural therapies, stress management, nutrition and strategic dietary supplementation.

Our Wellness 101™ Programs and custom branded wellness solutions provide you with the skills, knowledge, services and products that help you, your families and your professional team achieve optimal health and vitality.

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